Hopi Point’s Grizly bear is bred in Slovenia by Mrs. Marija al Faraj, Kennel Hopi Point in Kranj. Grizly was born 2003-01-18. Grizly is after Hopi Point’s Eskimo Bear and Snowlion Anana Of Hopi Point.


Grizly is a maskuline and very powerful dog with a soft and friendly temperament. He has a sissorsbite and his movement express both power and a smotheness not always seen by a dog of his size.

Grizly weighs 47 kg and are 69 cm. He is A in hips and 0 in elbows and free from any eyeanomalities.

Grizly is the father of several puppies in Sweden and Denmark, and we have kept a puppy after him; Mihakias Eagleeyed Imelda, which shows the same kind of power and strength as her father. Both Grizly and Imelda are good and steady workers alone or in a team.

Grizly has been shown in both Denmark and Sweden and have all CAC’s for championships + he holds the titles Copenhagenwinner 2004 and Nordic Winner 2004. Grizly has been BOB and BOG several times.

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